If you enjoyed reading Miracles From Heaven, God's Not Dead, or Heaven is for Real, you won't be able to put down Anchored in Hope: An Awe-Inspiring True Story Where Blessings and Miracles Confirm God's Amazing Love and Faithfulness.

One day while thumbing through her tattered journal, Sue Rosendahl author of the memoir Anchored in Hope, was overcome with emotion as she looked back on her painful past and re-lived the darkest, most difficult decade of her life. Except the tears streaming down her face weren’t rooted in pain, they were tears of deep, heartfelt gratitude and unspeakable joy for all the incredible ways God expressed His love for her and made Himself known during that turbulent time of adversity.

Everything God did created such a powerful testimony to who He is, Sue decided to compile those “WOW moments” into a book for her grandchildren so they would never ever question God’s existence, ongoing presence, faithfulness, or amazing love for them. But as soon as the thought entered her mind, God asked, “Why is it only important for your grandchildren? I love all My children…”

This is a phenomenal story God wants you to hear—

From the depths of despair comes this very distinctive, truly compelling message of hope and promise that indulges readers with tangible, thought-provoking evidence of God’s existence, essence, power, and presence. Brimming with blessings, divine intervention, spiritual encounters, and modern-day miracles, this Scripture-rich “testament for today” vows to bring a tear to the eye and a thrill to the heart.

Caught in a trap with no means of escape, Sue shares her decade-long struggle to remain true to her faith as a very bizarre, incurable disease plagues her husband’s health and drives her family out of their home into the wilderness. During their season of tribulation, she and her two young daughters fight through adversity and desperately cling to Jesus, believing for a miracle that would heal their beloved. But instead of answering their prayers as expected, God repeatedly makes His presence known—proving His extravagant love and demonstrating His faithfulness in a vast array of other extraordinary ways—ultimately freeing them with an astonishing “gift” they will never forget.

This dramatic, life-transforming mourning-to-dancing memoir will captivate and amaze, opening your eyes to see the wonder of God’s glory in a fresh, exciting, irresistible new way. A must-read for anyone who’s ever questioned God’s love or existence; anyone going through turbulent times in need of encouragement; anyone who desires to know God more intimately; or anyone craving fuel to set their faith-fire ablaze. It’s time to marvel anew at what the Lord Almighty can—and still does—do!

Over 450 Scripture references are used throughout the manuscript to enhance the story and reinforce Biblical principals.

The mission of our ministry is to extend a hand of hope, love, and encouragement to at-risk women struggling to make it through a trying season of adversity. Book sales drive this uplifting, potentially life-transforming, endeavor. For every Anchored in Hope book sold, a complimentary copy is gifted to a woman in a rescue mission, homeless shelter, safehouse, halfway house, recovery, or prisoner re-entry program. Distribution typically follows an evangelistic message and prayer for those choosing to invite Jesus into their lives.