The mission of our ministry is to extend a hand of hope, love, and encouragement to at-risk women struggling to make it through a trying season of adversity. But unlike other ministries that rely on donations to fund their outreach, we rely on people like you to do one simple thing to help us share the life-giving message of Christ—Buy a BookAnchored in Hope: An Awe-Inspiring True Story Where Blessings & Miracles Confirm God's Amazing Love & Faithfulness.

Book sales drive this uplifting, potentially life-transforming, endeavor. For every Anchored in Hope book sold, a complimentary copy is gifted to a woman in a rescue mission, homeless shelter, safehouse, halfway house, recovery, or prisoner re-entry program. Distribution typically follows an evangelistic message and prayer for those choosing to invite Jesus into their lives.

By your willingness to engage in this one simple task, we have an opportunity to jointly participate in the Great Commission—sharing God's love and message of hope with those who desperately need it.

We give away Anchored in Hope books instead of Bibles because those unfamiliar with God's Holy Word are often overwhelmed or intimidated by its size. Many even share the preconceived notion that its contents are far too complex, making it impossible to understand. For these reasons a Bible may never be opened, and if it's never opened, its life-giving message may never be found.

Anchored in Hope is a Scripture-rich "testament for today" that serves as a nonthreatening witnessing/evangelizing tool for non-Christians, while fueling the faith of every believer. The dramatic, life-transforming mourning-to-dancing memoir is brimming with blessings, divine intervention, spiritual encounters, and modern-day miracles. It's distinctive, truly compelling message of hope and promise indulges readers with tangible, thought-provoking evidence of God’s existence, essence, power, and presence. These elements inspire non-Christians to seek a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.


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