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The mission of our ministry is to extend a hand of hope, love, encouragement, and support to women struggling to make it through a trying season of adversity. But unlike other ministries that rely solely on donations to fund their outreach, we depend on people like you to do one simple thing—Buy a BookAnchored in Hope: An Awe-Inspiring True Story Where Blessings & Miracles Confirm God's Amazing Love & Faithfulness.

Book sales are what drive this uplifting,  potentially life-transforming endeavor. For every four Anchored in Hope books sold, a complimentary copy is gifted to a woman in a rescue mission, homeless shelter, domestic shelter, safe house, halfway house, recovery, or prisoner re-entry program. Distribution typically follows an evangelistic message of hope and prayer for those choosing to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

We also work within the community and through local churches to help these women get the resources they need to move forward in a positive direction. Connecting them to a body of believers and plugging them into small groups, Bible studies, accountability groups, and faith-based programs like Celebrate Recovery.

By purchasing just one copy of Anchored in Hope you are partnering with us and participating in God's Great Commission—sharing His love, His promises, and His message of hope (the good news of Jesus Christ) with those who desperately need to hear it.

If you belong to a church, club, or Christian organization, consider hosting a fund raising event to empower us to reach more women for God's kingdom. Click here to learn more.

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