Author Sue Rosendahl

Sue Rosendahl is an inspirational speaker, evangelist, founder of Beyond Belief Ministries, and author of the memoir Anchored in Hope: An Awe-Inspiring True Story Where Blessings & Miracles Confirm God's Amazing Love & Faithfulness. Sue has been a devout follower of Jesus Christ for over three decades, one being the darkest, most difficult decade of her life. And although her faith was greatly challenged, God not only validated His existence, He repeatedly showed up in extraordinary ways to prove He and His Word could be trusted.

As a result of God’s lavish outpouring of love, mercy, and grace, Sue’s faith has flourished, planting within her a fervent desire to reach the lost, inspire seekers, and revitalize the faith of fellow believers. Her distinctive testimony offers a truly compelling message of hope and promise that gives powerful evidence to the fact that the Lord of the universe is real! That He is always present, genuinely cares, and sincerely wants what’s best for you. His greatest aspiration is that you to come to know Him as a loving Father and faithful Friend.

Sue is a graduate of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI and of Chapman College in Placerville, CA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Elementary Education with a minor in Communication Arts. Her schooling and extensive background in sales, marketing, and public speaking, were instrumental in equipping her to become a successful small business entrepreneur.

Long before her late husband of 24 years was diagnosed with Toxic Encephalopathy and progressive brain damage, Sue was determined to identify the cause of his bizarre, seemingly unrelated symptoms, pinpoint his peculiar malady, and get him proper medical attention. Since Steve had been building and testing high-powered microwave amplifiers for cell tower base stations under a microscope for over ten years, she began to question the safety of his long-term, close-range exposure to non-ionizing radiofrequency microwave radiation—the energy used to transmit wireless signals.

Outraged by what she had learned after years of research, Sue authored the book Cell Phones and the Dark Deception: Find Out What You’re Not Being Told…and Why. Published in 2009 under her pen name Carleigh Cooper, it was the most comprehensive compilation of investigative data ever written on the subject—uncovering industry deception and proving numerous adverse cause-effect relationships between wireless signals and the human body. Over one million people have heard Sue (aka Carleigh) speak on air and in person.

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